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Thursday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Snowden's a traitor</b>

EDITOR: Edward Snowden is a traitor. When a patriot takes issue with our system and way of life, that patriot stands in front of the Capitol in protest. That patriot does not run to a foreign enemy and claim to be afraid for his or her life. Martin Luther King didn't run to Cuba, China or the Soviet Union. He stood, took issue and, in the end, won freedom when many tried to push him down.

Snowden did what traitors of the 1960s and 1970s did — go to an enemy country, give up secrets and collaborate on how to bring our country down. A patriot doesn't sell out to the highest bidder; a patriot stands, fights and, with the solidarity of fellow righteous Americans, corrects a problem here at home. These radicals claim to be "constitutionalists" or say they are conservatives or liberals. These people are neither. They are anarchists who threaten not only America but our way of law, which was set in place by elected leaders (good or bad).



<b>Failing grade for UC</b>

EDITOR: With all of the current Sonoma County news stories (weird and wonderful, as usual), one of the most important seems to have slipped by us. The University of California proposes that Janet Napolitano be the new president. All I can say is what?

She has been a failure as secretary of Homeland Security. Now she wants to bail out and land another cushy gig at UC. Who in their right mind thinks she can do that job?

UC is in big trouble and needs management, not politics. I don't see her bringing anything to the table other than plaid suits. Californians get the short end of the political stick again.


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