Warm hats, cold people

EDITOR: Last Sunday, our family was driving in Santa Rosa, and we saw a lot of people with layers of clothing on. I commented that I would not want to be homeless in this weather. Well, I guess Santa Rosa is the place to be homeless. After all, we have a so-called artist knitting nice warm hats for stone statues.The homeless must get a nice warm feeling from seeing this ("Warm thought," Monday).

Judy Kennedy should be ashamed of herself. That was a waste of time, money and yarn. At least she got her picture in the paper. Don Taylor, the president of the Santa Rosa Sister City Committee, should take pictures of the homeless freezing at night so he can show them to the people of South Korea (who gave the statues to Santa Rosa). I think the money spent to go to Korea could be better spent here.

The timing of this article was very bad. Your paper just wrote about a man dying in a Dumpster trying to stay warm. We can't believe you would publish an article such as Monday's when people are freezing and homeless shelters are filled. Maybe you can put your energy and the newspaper to better use at this time.