<b>A sad day</b>

<br>EDITOR: Fifty years ago, Sebastopol had a movie theater at the north end of town, a train running down the middle of main street and the Frizelle Enos feed store standing tall on the sleepy back street named Petaluma Avenue. I was a 10-year-old girl living on that same street. My siblings and I would ride our bikes around the feed store, run on the humongous porch and climb on the ever-present hay bales.<br>

On Saturday, I saw that building go up in flames. As the shock has worn off, the sadness has set in. I love the Sebastopol of today, but this particular business was really the only thread I remember of times past. Although many of the old buildings still exist, the businesses have changed many times over.<br>

In recent years, I have enjoyed going into the feed store to purchase dog food and treats as well as cards and gifts. The folks working there have always been courteous and helpful. I didn't realize how important that particular business was to me until it was lost.<br>

It is truly a sad day for Sebastopol.<br>