Chemicals discarded in an outdoor garbage bin apparently started a fire Sunday that damaged a Rohnert Park home, Rohnert Park Public Safety Department officials said.

Firefighters suspect the chemicals spontaneously combusted and started the fire, which caused $15,000-$25,000 in damage to a Bernice Avenue home, officials said.

Authorities did not specify what kind of chemicals were discarded.

Flames were first reported at 3:46 p.m. in the adjoining side yards of 843 and 859 Bernice Avenue, officials said. Several 911 calls quickly followed reporting explosions in the area.

Rohnert Park public safety officers arrived within two minutes and found the fire had spread to the house at 843 Bernice Avenue and the residents had evacuated.

Flames threatened the house next door, 859 Bernice Avenue, but no one answered the door, officials said. Officers broke into the house and brought the family's two dogs outside.

Rohnert Park and Rancho Adobe firefighters had the fire under control within 11 minutes, officials said.