<b>UC's new president</b>

EDITOR: Your editorial on Janet Napolitano's nomination for president of the University of California ("A hasty path to vote on UC president, Thursday) expressed concern that "past presidents have been renowned scholars with deep connections to the academic community, not career politicians."

It might be of some interest to readers to know that while President Dwight D. Eisenhower was neither a renowned scholar nor a career politician, he served effectively as president of Columbia University from 1948-53. In fact, this position may well have been a stepping stone to the White House for him. Napolitano would probably bring some of the same type of leadership, organizational and administrative skills from government that Eisenhower brought from the military.

The UC presidency might well be a stepping stone for Napolitano. Fortunately, she didn't develop her skill sets as a body builder and movie actor.


Santa Rosa