A former Lakeport police officer who now operates a marijuana dispensary has been arrested on multiple pot-related charges.

Richard Edward Erickson, 60, was arrested during a multi-county law-enforcement raid on Friday and booked into the Lake County jail on suspicion of pot and hashish cultivation, possession of marijuana for sale, manufacturing a controlled substance and receiving stolen property, according to jail authorities.

He was released the same day on $150,000 bail, authorities said.

Investigators from Lake and Mendocino counties searched Erickson's Lake County home and his businesses, including the Talmage Road dispensary, Reflections of Avalon, in Ukiah, as well as his lock shop and tanning salon in Lakeport, police said.

Law enforcement officers located large amounts of processed marijuana bud and more than 100 small, starter plants at the Ukiah dispensary, said Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force Commander Rich Russell, who assisted with the warrant searches. They also seized methadone, oxycontin, concentrated cannabis and $4,000 in cash, according to the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

At Erickson's Lakeport-area home, officers said they found more than 80 marijuana plants being grown outdoors, a barn outfitted with growing lights, digital scales and a police radio that officers said was stolen from the Lakeport Police Department when Erickson was terminated in 2007.

Officers also reported finding several semi-automatic rifles, pistols, ammunition and $12,000 cash at the home. Another 300 pot plants were seized from locations believed to be connected to Erickson's operation, according to the Sheriff's Office.

At Erickson's A-1 Alarm and Lock business in Lakeport, detectives found a machine gun with two magazines, officials said.

Also seized during the raid were three Harley Davidson motorcycles, two jet skis, a utility vehicle and a 2010 Ford F-150 pickup.

Erickson was a Lakeport Police officer for 11 years. He was fired in 2007 following his arrest on charges of embezzlement, misappropriation of government funds, making criminal threats, battery, stalking and violation of a protective order. The charges were related primarily to an affair he began with an 18-year-old girl while he was married. The trysts occurred on county time, prosecutors said.

Erickson was acquitted at trial.

Lake County District Attorney Don Anderson, who represented Erickson at his trial, could not be reached for comment.

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