July 24 Letters to the Editor

<b>Santayana's warning</b>

EDITOR: George Santayana wrote: "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it." No more salient example of this oft-repeated but seldom practiced phrase can be found than in the recent media and public excoriation of Supervisor Efren Castillo.

Two weeks ago, we saw another example where media and public vitriol against an individual were found wanting in the George Zimmerman trial. However, he was found not guilty.

Not guilty — yet convicted in the press and in the court of a public seemingly incapable of critical thinking.

It's happening here now. Unquestioning belief in police "allegations" — not evidence — leading to a barnstorm of condemnation and calls for resignation being pitched by a disgraced former public servant unquestioningly reported by your paper.

Will we ever learn? It's doubtful, as sensationalism and emotion drives so many to dispense opinion as truth.

If the evidence finds Castillo responsible for these acts, be assured I will be as condemnatory as the public thus far. Until then, this thinking man will wait for the process to play itself out. I refuse to convict this man, or any man or woman, on the basis of what someone else tells me.



<b>Plan Bay Area</b>

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