Seven people were arrested at the Robinson Rancheria in Lake County during the eviction of a resident, the Sheriff's Office said Thursday.

Deputies were asked by rancheria police to stand by to ensure the eviction would go peacefully, but it turned into a confrontation with pushing and shoving, Lt. Steve Brooks said.

At the time, the apartment was occupied by 15 to 20 people, who were in a circle performing a ritual, he said.

When rancheria police tried to evict Dwayne Duncan, a melee ensued. Two deputies were struck with a bamboo stick, including one over the head, causing a minor injury. A woman also grabbed and attempted to remove a deputy's holstered firearm, according to authorities.

Arrested on a variety of charges, including obstructing a peace officer, were Douglas Duncan, 57, Kenneth Duncan, 26, Adrien Malicay, 40, Raelene Cromwell, 41, Nina Duncan, 31, Cathy Cooper, 24, and Dwayne Duncan, 34.