The Santa Rosa woman at the center of a deadly love triangle was sentenced Friday to probation but no additional jail time for her role in a fatal shooting outside a downtown brewpub.

Garicka Laverne Rush, 33, admitted attempting to cover up the 2011 shooting of her lover, Jack Romero, also 33 and of Santa Rosa, by disposing of bullets at the request of the father of three of her children, Ryan Dietz, 31.

She was arrested after police watched her dump the ammunition behind several stores and spent about five months in county jail.

She was released under an agreement to testify for the prosecution at Dietz' preliminary hearing and trial. Dietz, who lived with Rush at the time, was convicted in June of first-degree murder and faces life in prison at his Sept. 26 sentencing.

Prosecutor Bud McMahon said Rush lived up to the agreement, testifying truthfully while establishing the relationship and the motive for the killing.

Rush declined to discuss the case outside court.

Dietz faces a sentence of 50 years to life or 75 years to life. His lawyer is expected to ask the judge to set aside a conviction on his juvenile record that adds 25 years to the sentence.