<b>Paying to protest</b>

EDITOR: I realize that many of you are tired of hearing about the Willits bypass and the protesters who continue to delay this much-needed project. I have lived in Willits for 13 years now, and since my arrival here the bypass has been a topic of discussion. For the most part I have heard, "Are we ever going to get this bypass?"

Maybe if all of the community members who are against the project had started doing something to prevent it years ago, we, the taxpayers, would not be paying $1.2 million extra for security now.

As with most government projects, I am sure that the total cost will exceed projections. Do we really need to keep adding to the cost by protesting what is inevitable?

If these people want to continue protesting, maybe they should be billed for the cost of the ongoing security. If the money came out of their personal funds, they might think twice about their actions.