Name: Don Taylor

Age: 53

Profession: Owner of Omelette Express

Lives: West Santa Rosa

Party: Republican

Issues: Polarization of council, budget

Noteworthy: Active in Sister Cities of Santa Rosa, has run unsuccessfully for council four times.

Name: Caroline Ba?elos

Age: 53

Profession: Former homeless services provider, current grade school tutor

Lives in: Rincon Valley

Party: Democrat

Issues: Rebuilding the economy, retraining workers

Noteworthy: Current planning commissioner, came in sixth in 2012 council race

Name: Mike Cook

Age: 33

Profession: Co-owner Santa Rosa landscape architecture firm

Lives in: Northwest Santa Rosa

Party: Democrat

Issues: Improving the economy, bringing council together

Noteworthy: Active in Santa Rosa Chamber. Served on Design Review Board. Pulled out of 2012 council race, came in 7th

Name: Hans Dippel

Age: 52

Profession: Sales and marketing executive at wine industry services firm

Lives in: Fountaingrove

Party: Democrat

Issues: Economic revitalization, pension reform

Noteworthy: Came in 8th in 2012 council race. Also was on ballot in 2008.

Name: Curtis Byrd

Age: 57

Profession: Community relations specialist for Blood Centers of the Pacific

Party: Democrat

Lives in: Northwest Santa Rosa

Issues: New ideas to boost economy, building community

Noteworthy: Planning commissioner, divinity student

Name: David Rosas

Age: 50

Profession: Telecommunications software analyst

Lives in: Roseland

Party: Democrat

Issues: Replacing redevelopment dollars, increasing tax revenues with new business.

Noteworthy: Community activist who ran for council in 2008.

Name: Robin Swinth

Age: 45

Profession: Former Agilent engineer

Lives in: Bennett Valley

Party: Democrat

Issues: Creating sustainable budget, maintaining city services

Noteworthy: Member of the city's Board of Public Utilities, mother of two

Name: George Steffensen

Age: 55

Profession: Retired union official.

Lives in: Montgomery Village

Party: Democrat

Issues: Sustainable budget, retaining and attracting businesses

Noteworthy: Former member of the Cotati-Rohnert Park School Board.

Name: Roy Sprague

Age: 69

Profession: Retired firefighter

Lives in: West Santa Rosa

Party: Republican

Issues: Traffic and pedestrian safety, county islands

Noteworthy: Cal Fire Battalion Chief in Glen Ellen for 17 years, served on 2010-2011 Sonoma County Grand Jury.

Name: Gary Saal

Age: 61

Profession: Owner of an intellectual property licensing firm.

Lives in: Fountaingrove

Party: Republican

Issues: Economic development, jobs

Noteworthy: Former trustee of the Mark West Unified School District board; working to bring a minor league baseball team to city

Name: Zachary Rounds

Age: 34

Profession: Water quality regulator with the state Department of Public Health

Lives in: Bennett Valley

Party: Libertarian

Issues: Urban blight, maintaining infrastructure, competition for water resources

Noteworthy: He is the youngest applicant for the vacancy.

Name: Jeffrey Owen

Age: 48

Profession: Exchange Bank Special Assets Department, managing distressed properties

Lives in: Montecito Heights

Party: Republican

Issues: Budget, ability to meet residents' expectations

Noteworthy: Father of four, avid cyclist. Commissioner on the county's Open Space District.

Name: Karen Lovvorn

Age: 75

Profession: Retired nurse and diabetes educator.

Neighborhood: Northwest

Party: Democrat

Issues: Job creation, gang prevention

Noteworthy: Oldest applicant for the position

Name: Douglas Krikac

Age: 61

Profession: Unemployed lumber salesman

Party: Republican

Lives in: Bennett Valley

Issues: Homelessness, budget

Noteworthy: Calls himself a "regular guy, willing to represent all the other regular guys and gals."

Name: Robert Malm

Age: 72

Profession: Retired container ship captain

Lives in: Bennett Valley

Party: Green

Issues: Education, budget

Noteworthy: Served on the Sonoma County Grand Jury, gave shortest answers to council questions.

Name: Barbara Ramsey

Age: 68

Profession: Past president and Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance and Foundation.

Lives in: Oakmont

Party: Democrat

Balance budget/pension reform; environmentally sustainable economic growth

Noteworthy: Member of the city's Board of Community Services.

Name: P.W. Griffiths Hughes

Age: 61

Profession: Pharmaceutical salesman for Pfizer

Lives in: Bennett Valley

Party: Republican

Issues: Pension reform, health care

Noteworthy: Soccer coach, active in Southeast Greenway campaign