<b>Changing the culture</b>

EDITOR: I believe your Friday editorial correctly characterizes ours as a "collision culture." Our roads seem lawless, though there are many laws in place governing their use. Those laws don't keep me from watching red lights being run or cellphones being used at almost every intersection I travel through. There is widespread disregard for our vehicle laws and for safety in our community. Since moving here from Oregon three years ago, I have even noticed my own driving style becoming more aggressive.

We have the laws. What we need now is a change of culture. I think that starts with zero tolerance by law enforcement for vehicle code violations. If I am routinely observing infractions, law enforcement officers must be as well.

The lawlessness on our streets is as much a threat to our personal safety as is crime. Let's treat it seriously. Is it possible that officers assigned just to vehicle code enforcement could cover their own costs through ticket collections?

The safety of our pedestrians, cyclists and drivers requires that we stop treating traffic violations with a wink and a nod.


Santa Rosa

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