Lake County Sheriff's Deputies destroyed nearly 1,500 marijuana plants in the vicinity of Knoxville this week, saying the growers had not complied with the county ordinance covering medical marijuana growing.

Lt. Steve Brooks said deputies located five fields in the Jerusalem Valley southeast of Clear Lake on July 27 and warned the growers that they exceeded the limits approved by the Board of Supervisors in 2012. That ordinance, among other requirements, places limits the number of plants allowed in any field, based on the lot size. It also regulates how close such fields can be to homes and schools.

On July 29, deputies and code enforcement personnel revisited the five fields, and seven others in the area, and determined they still were not conforming to the ordinance. They eradicated 1,459 plants at the 12 locations and condemned a number of unpermitted trailers and tents where the growers were living, Brooks said.