Padecky: SRJC's Lenny Wagner knows 'help' is always on the way

  • SRJC Football Coach Lenny Wagner gets ready for the summer's football camp for his players on Wednesday, July 24, 2013. (Conner Jay/The Press Democrat)

They come daily to Lenny Wagner, either through email or a knock on his office door at SRJC. They come bearing gifts — themselves. They can run like a deer fleeing for its life or they can catch a butterfly blindfolded or they hit you so hard you start praying for your momma. They are so good, so determined, you wonder how the University of Alabama missed them. So, certainly, obviously, they can play for a junior college.

Over the past few months SRJC's head football coach guessed he has received queries or outright you-gotta-have-me from about 500 high school graduates. Maybe more, he thinks, it happens so frequently. Every day they come to him, from everywhere in the United States. From Florida, Michigan, Maryland, Washington, Missouri, Colorado, Tennessee, Alabama, Arizona, places so far away you can even assume they might not know that Santa Rosa is in California.

Which is the assumption with this email: It began "Watch the Beast," followed by a web address. That was it, that was the entire email. No greeting. Nothing like "I've heard about your program." No identifying words, like, um, a name. What position does he play? What state did he play in? Nada, Zip. This one had "Dear Occupant" written all over it. Wagner might have watched The Beast video if he was led to believe he was looking for Big Foot.

Another player set Wagner an email that was a web address link. That was the entire email. Didn't even tell Wagner to Watch The Beast. Or Watch A Movie. Or Go Eat A Hamburger.

On the flip side, a kid from the Central Valley sent a 340-word email that included everything except his favorite color.

"I work at home from 4-7:30 a.m. on my laptop," Wagner said. "I do all the stuff I need to do that day. So when I get to the office I'm ready to get derailed. And I will get derailed. Every day. Guaranteed."

The diligent sort that he is, Wagner doesn't blow off a sincere, thoughtful entreaty, offered with some maturity. This is a public junior college, for criminey sakes. Anyone who is registered in school and wants to play for the Bear Cubs is eligible.

Certainly the herd thins out when two-a-days begin. Nonetheless Wagner keeps an open mind. He never knows who is going to find at his door.

Like Raevon Smith. A few weeks ago, there was a knock on Wagner's door and there stood Smith and his uncle. Smith was visiting his uncle on a trip from North Carolina.

At 6 feet, 190 pounds, Smith said he wanted to relocate from North Carolina and move to Santa Rosa to stay with his uncle. He told Wagner he could play and here's where you can view the highlight film and Wagner nodded politely. Anyone who takes time to physically show up immediately gets a respect upgrade from Wagner.

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