Friday's Letters to the Editor

Media hypocrites

EDITOR: If you readers ever doubted the obvious bias of the so-called mainstream media, the recent coverage of Sen. John Kerry's nomination to be secretary of state should put the issue to rest.

Recall the recent presidential campaign and the media's obsession with Mitt Romney's wealth and holdings overseas. We witnessed a shocking demonization of an American success story.

It is well known that Kerry is worth around $250 million, more or less, and that his heiress wife is worth more. His overseas holdings are far greater than those of Romney, but we aren't being told that he is out of touch with the common folks as we were regarding Romney. This current fawning and slobbering over Kerry by the media can only be considered pathetic and hypocritical.


Santa Rosa

Electoral power grab

EDITOR: If you feel the ground shaking these days, it's not an earthquake you're feeling, it's the Founding Fathers rolling in their graves over a Republican proposal to change the way the Electoral College elects a president.

Republican state legislators in Virginia and Ohio want to change their state laws to allocate their electoral votes based on who wins the majority in each congressional district.

This is anti-majority rule and a dangerous idea that has the potential to steal the election from the winner of the popular vote. Yet it is gaining traction within the Republican Party. They see this as a way to circumvent the will of the people, just as they tinkered with ways to make it harder for people to vote in 2012 with voter ID requirement and bans on early voting.

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