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We don't just cover the North Bay. We live here.
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If Bruce Bochy were managing the Mets or the Yankees or the Phillies — happily he isn't — fans and writers and sports-talk radio hosts/morons in New York and Philly would be ranting about what a bum he is.

They'd say he's mismanaging the Giants — like, how come Joaquin Arias isn't batting fourth and playing center field and pitching every fifth day? And they'd say Bochy lost his mojo and the Giants should consider firing him or, at the very least, locking him in a cage in the on-deck circle for people to jeer at like they used to jeer at those poor souls in the stocks in Salem, Mass.

Or something like that.

But out here — a region I consider tops in sophistication and good breeding — no one has uttered a peep criticizing Bochy. We have not heard a single syllable of anger or frustration or grumpiness. Why?

Because Bochy has earned silence. He's also earned an "atta boy" and a "Go get 'em, Bruce."

Think about the treasure that is Bochy. He won two World Series in three years. He outmaneuvered every manager he faced in the postseason in 2010 and 2012. He is brilliant with his bullpen. And he never panics.

Oh, he may run shrieking around the deserted halls of AT&T Park after everyone leaves the yard, screaming like a banshee. But in public, he is a paragon of poise. In front of his players, he is the duke of decorum. He already is a cinch for the Hall of Fame and you know and I know and everyone knows he is the best manager in the big leagues.

So, people stay silent and don't blame him because the hitters don't hit or Ryan Vogelsong broke his hand or Barry Zito is Barry Zito or the Panda is eating his way out of the league. Bochy has earned this benign silence. And if you disagree, you're wrong.

What about general manager Brian Sabean? Is he getting the same grace period, the same politeness as Bochy?

No way.

You should see the unseemly Sabean comments on my blog, the fuming emails I get from seething Giants fans. Fans may be patient with Bochy. Sabean they want to string up.

In the past few weeks, readers have informed me Sabean is a complete loser who created two championship teams by sheer accident.

It's like if you shoved a monkey in front of a keyboard, he might write a great novel by chance — something simple like James Joyce's "Ulysses." Sabean is that kind of monkey. He had all the big-league rosters on his wall and he had a phone and, by mistake, he wrote the baseball equivalent of "Ulysses."

Ask Billy Beane about that. Maybe Beane is using the wrong keyboard.

I also have heard, ad nauseam, about the 2011 trade, Giants pitching prospect Zack Wheeler to the Mets for Carlos Beltran, and how Beltran was a bust for the Giants and isn't even on the team anymore, and Wheeler is just what the Giants need in their fragile rotation and don't have. And Sabean is a dope and that trade proves it.

Forget that Sabean was competing to get into the postseason and made the deal to improve his team then and there.

I also have heard Sabean depleted his farm system because he's incompetent and he has no one to bring up now — especially no pitchers — and it serves him right for being a dunce.

Forget that Sabean made deals involving minor-leaguers to win two world championships. Would anyone out there — you, for instance — want some young prospects and a better record right now if the Giants didn't get those two World Series rings?

Come on.

I also have heard Sabean doesn't know the first thing about constructing a team. Really? He made a pitching-first team to thrive in a park with an outfield as huge as the Grand Canyon.

I also have heard that Sabean is fat. Honest, I did. This is what you call a personal attack, ad hominem, and it always is the argument of someone who can't think. Plus, it has nothing to do with Sabean's curriculum vitae, pretty nifty by any standards.

Someone, I suppose, must be the fall guy in this season of the Giants' fall. Because Bochy currently is an icon, Sabean takes the heat.

I also notice Sabean did not panic at the trading deadline. He wasn't offered what he wanted — only chump deals — so he made no anxiety-driven trades. He'll re-evaluate at the end of the season. He'll see how the current bunch — a championship bunch — plays out the schedule. Smart.

Sabean is the best general manager in the Bay Area. Don't even try to dispute that.

Beane is wonderful, a treasure, and someone wrote a book about him and they made a movie about him. He leads Sabean in the book and movie department. But, as Vinnie, who lived across the street from me in Brooklyn, would have said, "He ain't won nothin'."

That bit of homespun philosophy means Billy Beane has not won a single World Series, let alone two. And please don't say his ownership is cheap — he's a part owner — and he could could have won a World Series with a bigger payroll.

My viewpoint is simple: Billy, show me the World Series you won.

What about the other notable GMs in the area?

Bob Myers — a beginner with unlimited potential, but a beginner.

Trent Baalke — show me the Super Bowl win, Trent.

Reggie McKenzie — ???????????????

Sabean looks down on all the others from a castle on a mountaintop. Besides, he isn't fat. A little chubby is all.

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