Frightened family members called 911 Tuesday morning, saying a relative in their southeast Santa Rosa home might have a gun and had threatened to shoot law enforcement officers.

Several Sonoma County sheriff's deputies responded to the 9:15 a.m. call, some pulling out assault rifles or automatic handguns and taking up positions around the Moraga Drive home.

They were familiar with the house and suspect Arthur Terrazas, due to several previous calls there, said sheriff's Sgt. Brad Burke.

There were at least four people inside with the suspect. Two told dispatchers they'd locked themselves in the garage and were afraid to leave and they feared the man may have been holding his mother hostage, said Burke.

A woman and young girl walked out of the house and stood with deputies. Other deputies then went into the home.

They found Terrazas, 44, behind a locked bedroom door. He was sitting on a bed, eating and spouting off comments.

The man didn't appear to have a gun, Burke said. Deputies put him in handcuffs and walked him to a patrol car, arresting him on suspicion he'd threatened officers and violated his probation.

"They got him. They got him," said one neighbor as deputies brought out Terrazas. The bearded man wore a bright blue sweatshirt, shorts and nothing on his feet.

Several neighbors had come outside to watch, alerted by multiple patrol cars arriving near the intersection of Moraga and San Clemente Drive — just a block or so from Kawana Elementary School.

They said the man they knew as "Arthur" had a long history of causing trouble when off his medication and when drinking.

"He drinks a lot and goes nutto," said one woman who lives nearby.

Burke said the law enforcement response was escalated because the family had said the man could be armed, was possibly holding people hostage and was talking of shooting officers.

Prior calls to the house typically involved Terrazas being inebriated, the sergeant said.