Hollywood violence

EDITOR: I am amazed that so soon after a horrific massacre of innocent children Hollywood releases a movie called "Bullet to the Head" and the brutal violence depicted in it.

I am making a judgment based on the trailers I see on TV. However, for many years I have watched similar violence-filled trailers and wondered what effect these movies have in our society. In this genre of movie, everything is resolved by car chases, crashes, brutal fist fights — which always involve things other than fists — guns, explosives and lots of bloody death. Yet we accept these movies as normal entertainment.

We as adults have grown accustomed to these and shrug them off. However, there are children growing up with these who see them as how the "righteous guys" deal with problems.

I would have hoped that Hollywood would have delayed/suppressed the release of this movie and would reflect on the influence this type of movie has on our society. As far as I see, the studios couldn't care less because they are making tons of money.

But at what cost?


Rohnert Park