<b>Fish habitat</b>

EDITOR: Mark West Creek has been designated as a spawning stream for steelhead for 30 years. About 15 years ago, I asked state Fish and Wildlife why the fish population was dwindling. Each person referred me to another person. Four people later, I ended up with someone who said they would get back to me. So far they haven't.

Recently I stacked some stones across the creek and put a piece of plastic over them, raising the surface water level behind my seasonal dam from six inches to about 18 inches. It's nice for me to cool off on a warm day and also a better habitat for the few fish that dwell there. The deeper the water the cooler the water at the deeper part of the pool would be, and steelhead prefer cool water.

Then, for the first time in 30 years, a Fish and Wildlife representative showed up. He told me the dam was detrimental to the young fish and that I had to lower the water level gradually over the next few weeks or I would be fined $250. So I did. Now you know the Fish and Wildlife Department is doing something, but I don't think the fish appreciate it.


Santa Rosa

<b>Appropriate terms</b>

EDITOR: I enjoy The Press Democrat each day, and I have noticed how often the word "inappropriate" is now used to describe scandalous and even criminal behavior. A recent article in the National Review discussed this in detail and concluded that "inappropriate" is wearing a necktie to a barbecue. How appropriate.


Santa Rosa

<b>Liberal failure</b>

EDITOR: Our presidential experiment started in 2008. We should have known that personal records sealed and words of misrepresentation didn't favor our future.

Here's where we are: $17 trillion in debt, sovereignty outsourced to the United Nations, millions unemployed, the food stamp army doubled, IRS targeting of the tea party, a Benghazi cover-up, the Fast and Furious debacle, an unaffordable health care act nightmare, open borders, Sharia law encroaching on our judicial system, dramatic cuts to the military, political correctness favoring radical Islam, green energy scams, foreign policy incompetence, attacks on the Constitution, circumvention of Congress, recruitment of radical czars, Environmental Protection Agency and fossil-fuel tax abuse, wholesale voter fraud and a bogus emphasis on global warming to justify radical actions by an out-of-control government.

Liberalism doesn't appear to be working. Detroit's bankruptcy is a good example of what happens when liberalism goes unopposed. Perhaps we as voters should replace liberal senators in the 2014 elections with conservatives. After that we can make bolder changes at the presidential level. Just think of the progress we can make with Harry Reid no longer in control of the Senate.

Look at the Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21 website. Some good work being done by Rosa Koire.


Fort Bragg