The Sonoma County Sheriff's Office on Thursday suspended its search for a missing Sacramento man who was last seen in Annadel State Park.

Jason Kyles, 34, a landscape contractor, disappeared from Sacramento on Feb. 1.

He was last seen in the park Feb. 2, naked and chanting. His pickup was left in a Lawndale Road parking area, which has a trail into the expansive park.

Sheriff's Lt. Bret Sackett said investigators have run out of leads after searching the park for six days.

"Last night toward the end we turned up what we thought was a scent. We worked a tracking dog until 8:30 at night, until the dog ran out of scent," Sackett said. "We came back today to see if we could run it down, but there were no additional leads, no additional hits, so we decided to suspend the search."

More than 250 searchers were involved from Sonoma, Contra Costa, Alameda, Napa, Monterey, Marin, Mendocino and Solano counties and the California Emergency Management Agency, as well as about 30 people who are Kyles' family and friends.

The effort included 18 tracking dog teams, a helicopter and searchers on all-terrain vehicles. The 1,500 to 2,000 bicyclists and hikers who were also in the popular park on Sunday didn't report seeing him, Sackett said.

Sackett said they really don't know if Kyles is still in Annadel, where he was last seen.

"It is hard to tell if he is up there or not, we have no further leads to track down," Sackett said. "The family and friends are great people, we wish we could have turned up something for them."

Family members say Kyles suffers from depression and mental health issues.

He is described as 6-foot-6, 185 pounds, with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. Anyone with information is asked to contact deputies at 565-2650.

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