The family of a man missing in Annadel State Park is continuing the search for him and is asking the public to keep an eye out for him.

On Thursday, the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office suspended its efforts to find Jason Kyles, 34, a landscape contractor from Sacramento who was last seen in Annadel on Feb. 2.

His pickup was found in a Lawndale Road parking area, which has a trail into the expansive park.

He is described as 6-foot-6, 185 pounds, with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. Family members say Kyles suffers from depression and mental health issues.

The local office of the National Alliance on Mental Illness is assisting the Kyles family members, several of who are staying in an RV in Santa Rosa while they continue searching. His parents, wife, sister and stepson are helping.

"We'll be out there searching this weekend," said Josh Davis, Kyles' stepson. "We're going to be here conducting map searches and doing calls as long as we can, until we find him."

More than 250 searchers from several counties and the California Emergency Management Agency were involved with the search, as were about 30 of Kyles' relatives and friends. The effort included 18 tracking dog teams, a helicopter and searchers on all-terrain vehicles.

Rosemary Muelrath of NAMI said there had been a potential sighting of Kyles on Lakeville Highway.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Sheriff's Office at 565-2650 or the NAMI office at 527-6662.

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