Reality check

EDITOR: Tammie Pisors' letter ("Citizen Firepower," Wednesday) was typical of a number of recent letters which are, ostensibly, about gun control. Each of these letters makes apparent two interesting points.

First, the former "love it or leave it" crowd now obsesses about "an out-of-control, rights-abusing government." I guess they pick their spots when it comes to "loving it."

Second, the minimum weaponry needed to "stop a tyrannical government today" is "no less than a rapid-fire, semi-automatic weapon with at least a 30-round clip." This minimum is given not because it counters current gun control proposals but because it would not "be wise to bring a single-shot, bolt-action rifle to an automatic weapon fight."

I guess our tyrannical government believes in giving its oppressed citizens a sporting chance. Our armed services will leave their bases without tanks, laser-guided missiles, fighter jets or atomic weapons. Hmmm, maybe each of us should be allowed to possess all of the above, just to make sure the coming fight is fair.

If our military is designed to defeat the great armies of the world, good luck to those American citizens who harbor deranged fantasies of winning a fight against U.S. forces — whether single-handedly or as part of a well-regulated militia.



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