EDITOR: I was puzzled that someone as astute as Lynn Woolsey wrote <NO1>on and on <NO>about environmental protection of the fishes but failed to mention that we have a California Coastal National Monument ("Speaking out in defense of our coast," Close to Home, Monday). There are more than 20,000 offshore rocks identified since 2000 as being one of 103 U.S. national monuments. Monument statements speak about protecting animal life, "both terrestrial and marine". Both Point Arena and Fort Bragg/Mendocino are gateways to the monument.

January was named "Say Hello to Your Favorite Rock" by members of the Mendocino Study Club (est. 1908), a collaborative partner of the California Coastal National Monument. Photos of favorite rocks were snapped and are on display at the Photographer Gallery on Main Street in Fort Bragg. The Sonoma/Mendocino Coast already has a very unique but not well known monument status with environmental protection being an important component.


Fort Bragg