Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Off the mark</b>

EDITOR: I have always liked Amy Goodman; she's a good progressive and is usually on target politically. However, her column in Monday's paper ("Obama's mismatch on words and deeds") was far off the mark in terms of both accuracy and reason for moral indignation on her part.

First, she seems to blame President Barack Obama for the mess in Iraq; it was and will always belong to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. As for Guantanamo, no one in Congress has agreed to accept prisoners from Guantanamo into their state's prisons; blame them, not Obama for the lingering existence of that prison. As for Obama's embrace of the "surveillance state," I am guessing that Obama's deep concern for this nation's safety trumps concerns for phone number analysis by the National Security Agency. None of us is able to fully know the needs of pressures of being president, and it is easy to criticize.

I ask: Would Goodman prefer Bush or some other neocon to Obama? I doubt it.



<b>Excessive pensions</b>

EDITOR: What planet do our city employees come from to deserve the pensions and other benefits we lavish on them? They must all have master's degrees or doctorates in extortion.

Having spent 30 years with a large corporation, with no contract other than a paycheck every two weeks if I continued to perform, and needing to work to age 60 to gain a pension of 40 percent of my average pay for the last three years of employment, I find the present arrangement with city employees to be utterly absurd and something the city taxpayers should no longer have to tolerate. There must be a way to break the existing contracts and start over.

No one should be able to work to age 50 and then retire with a pension reflecting 90 percent of their highest salary. If the mayor and City Council are unable to handle, this they should resign or be voted out of office. Otherwise, people, myself included, will be moving out of Santa Rosa to communities that take a more realistic approach to the pay and benefits they offer their employees.

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