Santa Rosa's Design Review Board on Thursday approved a smaller version of the Dick's Sporting Goods that board members had earlier panned as over-the-top.

Mall developer Codding Enterprises trimmed 10 feet off the height of the proposed store's towering entryway, from nearly 50 feet to about 40, in response to board criticism, according to city planner Bill Rose.

Changes were also made to make the entryway seem less like a billboard and more an integrated part of the building, said Kirstie Moore, development director at Codding Enterprises.

"I think it looks a lot better," Moore said.

The board's concerns threatened to hold up the developer's plans to erect a 50,000-square-foot store for the Pittsburgh-based retailer at the site of the former Los Robles Lodge just south of Coddingtown mall.

At the previous meeting, Moore told the board that Dick's executives were loath to deviate from their typical big box store design, made up of a large Dick's sign set off by a grand entryway.

But they worked hard to resolve the board's concerns, Moore said.

"I think the board was pleased with the amount of architectural changes that we made," she said.

The height of the walls on either side of the Dick's sign were increased by 5 feet, making the entryway less prominent and allowing the design to conform to guidelines barring signs from being installed above rooflines, she said.

The percentage of window in the front also was reduced from 80 percent to 60 percent, with additional windows added to the top of the parapets for aesthetics, Moore said.

The application was approved on a 4-2 vote.

Other changes to the design included adding trellises to the exterior walls to break up the blank spaces, putting down additional striping to improve pedestrian safety, and providing an arborist's report detailing how the 150-year-old oak trees on the property will be protected.

The company hopes to begin construction later this year, Moore said.

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