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Friday's Letters to the Editor

Less than second rate

EDITOR: I read with some amusement former Vice President Dick Cheney's assessment of the president's national security team ("Cheney: Obama's picks '2nd rate,' " Sunday). I would suggest that many of Cheney's fellow citizens believe that the performance of the team of Cheney, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice would have to come up several tiers to be considered "second rate."



Listen to both sides

EDITOR: Both liberals and conservatives make good points. Liberals decry the ever-increasing concentration of wealth in fewer hands because of financial scams and tax dodges. Conservatives have a healthy skepticism about government's ability and right to solve problems the market could solve better. Why not satisfy both left and right by using the Internet to promote transparency of government budgets, with the ability to compare one government unit with comparable units elsewhere in detail?

This would introduce market competition to the public sector as exists in the private sector and vastly increase government efficiency.

At the same time, in places where using market forces are not so efficient, like the power grid or mass transportation, a government properly overseen through transparent governance should collectivize production and services. If everyone on the grid paid the true cost of their energy, and was paid for the true value of energy they generate through solar and wind, our carbon emissions would plummet. This would be in effect a free-market solution to the crisis of climate change.

The market does some things best. The government can do other things best. Don't listen to ideologues who push too far to the left or right because of blind faith in ideology.


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