Aging scare

EDITOR: Oh my God, is it true? Are people in Sonoma County getting older (" &‘Silver tsunami' alert," Monday)? Being over 65 myself, I may have missed some new developments in medical science, so maybe you can tell me if doctors in other counties have figured out how to stop the aging process which has now, apparently, become unique to Sonoma County.

And not only are we singularly aging here in the land of milk and cabernet, but we are becoming a big problem. I mean we all stop paying taxes as we age. Is that true?

Please let me know more about this new tax structure. Does that mean I no longer have to pay property taxes or sales taxes, the primary taxes that provide revenue for county services? And income tax to the state and federal governments — I don't have to pay those either?

This is all great news. I don't think it will be a problem at all.



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