Sixty motorists were arrested in Sonoma County over the weekend for drunken driving and license violations during the start of an 18-day crackdown leading up to Labor Day.

The "Avoid the 13" Sonoma County DUI Task Force, led by Petaluma Police, launched the effort to curb drunken driving Friday with checkpoints in Petaluma. They followed Sunday with a countywide effort to find people with DUI warrants.

Throughout the month, officers will hold DUI checkpoints and daily roving patrols, conduct probation and warrant sweeps and court stings, targeting people judges have prohibited from driving.

"We're definitely out in force," Petaluma Police Sgt. Ken Savano said. "We're trying to keep the roads safe and reduce the amount of alcohol-related crashes."

Four suspected drunken drivers were arrested during checkpoints in Petaluma, Savano said. One took place from 6 p.m. Friday until 2 a.m. Saturday on east- and westbound Lakeville Street at Wilson Street. Another was held between midnight and 2 a.m. Saturday on eastbound East Washington Street at Lakeville Street.

Officers screened 2,305 drivers for signs of intoxication and license status. Eight people were arrested with suspended licenses and 25 were arrested for driving without licenses, Savano said.

On Sunday, a team of 19 officers from Sonoma County police agencies tried to serve 129 DUI warrants. They arrested 23 suspects for violations such as violating probation terms, not showing up to a court hearing or failing to report to the jail or work release program, Savano said.

The suspects arrested included seven women and 16 men. The youngest was a 20-year-old Rohnert Park resident, and the eldest was 63, from Sonoma.