Sunday's Letters to the Editor

Unsafe streets

EDITOR: I wanted to comment on how uncomfortable it is to drive in Sonoma County, especially Santa Rosa. Since when do vehicles that have the green light have to wait for three cars to run the red before proceeding? And why do we have to wait at our green light for pedestrians who cross against the crosswalk red?

It appears these things continue to occur because there is no one to ticket red-light violators. And what about red-light traffic cameras? We were told by the Santa Rosa Police Department that Santa Rosa has no active red-light cameras. It doesn't make sense to me. I feel like a sitting duck, just waiting for my turn in the accident pool.


Santa Rosa

Science on our side

EDITOR: Children of low-income families may suffer from poor oral health, but to refer to this as a "staggering burden of suffering" and an "alarming crisis" demanding fluoridation of the water supply is hyperbole ("Confronting county crisis of oral health," Editorial, Feb. 10).

It's hard to imagine that other issues, such as the need for jobs, fair pay, better health care, better access to nutrition, decent housing, safe environments, etc. aren't even more important to those suffering from poverty's ills. Ironically, most of the people suffering from dental caries wouldn't even benefit from fluoridation because they obtain water from private wells and wouldn't be affected by this program.

The editorial posits that the solution is fluoridation of the water supply, even though the recommendations of the county's task force on oral health didn't prioritize this remedy. Rather, it focused appropriately on better access to dental care, education and preventive care, expanded nutrition programs, etc.

Your editorial characterizes fluoride opponents as sounding false alarms about the safety of the practice and accuses them of spreading misinformation out of fear. Those of us deeply concerned about ingesting fluoride on a regular basis are not zealots, fear mongerers or prone to hyperbole. In fact, we, too, encourage the public to be wary of hyperbole, since opponents are the ones with science on their side.

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