A Rohnert Park woman who crashed while driving on Snyder Lane last week has died, Rohnert Park police said Monday.

Betty Troutman, 61, died Saturday morning while being treated at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, said Sgt. Aaron Johnson.

Troutman crashed Thursday morning while heading north on Snyder. Police initially believed she had a medical emergency and lost control of her car then hit a light pole, fire hydrant and a tree.

Officers performed CPR and used a defibrillator on her at the crash scene and her pulse returned. She was taken to the hospital, suffering from collision injuries and an underlying medical condition, Johnson said.

An autopsy didn't determine if she died from the crash injuries or the medical issue. Further testing will be done and the crash will remain under investigation, he said.

Johnson praised Troutman's 19-year-old grandson, who was with her in the car, calling him a brave young man for trying to rescue his grandmother. Injured himself, he tried to pull her from the car and start CPR.

The two had come from their home and were on a shopping trip when the crash occurred, Johnson said.