Fort Bragg police officers are investigating a four-car collision starting with a pickup truck, which crashed into a car and then struck two parked cars.

Officers are hoping to hear from witnesses to Monday afternoon's crash, reported Fort Bragg Chief Scott Mayberry.

Pickup driver Linley Hand, 70, of Fort Bragg was driving out of a Safeway parking lot at about 1 p.m. onto South Main Street when he hit another vehicle crossing Walnut Street.

His truck then jumped a curb and hit two cars parked in a Starbucks parking lot, Mayberry said.

Hand, who appeared to be disoriented, was standing next to his truck when officers arrived.

He told officers he remembered being in his truck at the grocery store and then being in the Starbucks lot, Mayberry said.

Hand was taken by ambulance to Mendocino Coast Hospital.

Alcohol and drugs don't appear to be involved. Mayberry asked anyone with information to contact officers at (707) 961-2800.