<b>Shopping locally</b>

EDITOR: The controversy over the new sculptures at Montgomery Village has gotten me thinking ("SR public art draws fire," Aug. 14). No, I don't care for that style of art; I know some do. But all over Santa Rosa we see "go local" signs. And that's what we do. We buy locally at small boutique shops, and that includes many places at Montgomery Village.

So the question is, why couldn't David Codding shop locally and invest in art from the many choices out there of incredible local artists? Why shop in Texas? Why buy art from a catalog?

If deer and children are what he had in mind, I'm sure there was a local artist who could have produced such a sculpture keeping the money (more than $68,000) in our community. He did a disservice to the artists of our community and to himself.

That money might have found its way right back to the shops of Montgomery Village.


Santa Rosa