<b>Don't trust the NSA</b>

EDITOR: National Security Agency apologist Andrew Leipman begs us to "trust the NSA" ("Trust the NSA, not Snowden," Sunday). He says it knows now what it's doing, and it's following the law. Hmmm. Turns out it isn't, and anything you say, type, send or store in the cloud can and apparently is being used against you via agencies throughout the government.

We the people are beginning to wake up to the NSA's immense violations of the Fourth Amendment. Sadly, this isn't the only damage it is doing. The Fourth Amendment directly supports the First Amendment's right to free speech.

If you knew that your every word and action were being recorded, would you self-censor your opinions? Most would. Would you plan that protest against what you see as government abuse? Most would not. So away drifts our republic.

This growing scandal makes me wonder how much of Occupy's supposed private communications were funneled from the NSA to police departments around the country, leading to the amazing scenes of police brutality we all witnessed.

Contrary to Leipman, we should never trust the security state to police itself. Remember, they answer to us, not we to them.



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