Harvest Fair loses roots

EDITOR: I received a letter from the Sonoma County Harvest Fair informing me that my competitive exhibits will no longer be allowed entry as the Harvest Fair has makes way for a re-crafted vision.

This new event will celebrate Sonoma County's agricultural diversity by focusing on artisan food, beer and wine. I'm sorry, but there are so many wine tasting events all over Sonoma County, and the wineries themselves have open tasting.

Under the new system, canners and crafters would have to enter by June 7 for the county fair, and my garden isn't ready for my pickles to be canned or the fruit trees to be picked and turned into jams, jellies and marmalades.

Sonoma County used to be one of the best apple counties around, and that was demolished by wineries. Apple orchards where, as children, we earned school clothes money by picking are non-existent. It's all about wine and beer now. Don't get me wrong. Some of the best wine and home brews are made here, but to take away from the diversity of the Harvest Fair when there are so many venues for wine and beer all spring, summer and fall is just not right.