Sunday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Pay scales</b>

EDITOR: Why is it that you publish what the average worker at BART makes ("Why so much is at stake with BART," Aug. 11), yet make no mention of the compensation that their employers make? Getting paid $80,000 per year with benefits doesn't make anyone wealthy in the Bay Area.

As Hedrick Smith noted in your Forum section ("Empty promises," Aug. 11), the average worker, accounting for inflation, makes the same as he or she did in the 1970s, yet compensation for CEOs is up 40 percent since 2009.

Far too many, apparently including editors at The Press Democrat, argue that most people are struggling, so everyone should struggle. Cities and counties are far more hurt by compensation paid to mayors, council people, et al. who serve for only a few years and walk away with endless compensation than they ever will be by people who actually put in a career for said city or county.



<b>Carrillo must go now</b>

EDITOR: I'm wondering if Supervisor Efren Carrillo's connections to the Sonoma County Democratic Party and the owners of The Press Democrat are preventing the newspaper from calling Carrillo what he's shown himself to be. Carrillo is either a drunk or a pervert, regardless of what happens in the criminal case.

A woman was victimized, and I'd wager that if Carrillo was not a Democrat, The Press Democrat would be calling for his resignation now, not after Friday ("Carrillo's next step rests on Aug. 30 events," Wednesday). Take a responsible position. Carrillo has lost the ability to represent his constituents and is making a laughingstock out of the Sonoma County Democratic Party. Give him every opportunity to defend himself against criminal charges. But don't give him every opportunity to make Sonoma County politics a joke. As it now stands, politicians are considered one step above child molesters by the public.

Query: Would anyone vote for Carrillo now knowing about his "mishaps" with the law? No. He needs to resign or to be recalled, and the paper of record for Sonoma County needs to take a stand now without waiting for Friday.

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