<b>Alarmist story</b>

EDITOR: The Press Democrat had another nonsensical, alarmist climate change article, this one about Clear Lake ("Lakes warming up," Aug. 19). It sounded significant and ominous until it noted that Clear Lake's temperature declined from 1970 to 1990 but by 2008 had rebounded to the 1970 level.

Clear Lake cooled for 20 years during a period Al Gore called unprecedented warming, and the lake warmed during the past 23 years, the last 16 of which haven't warmed.

Coincidentally, Gore was at Lake Tahoe last Monday and said it was getting clearer and never mentioned it warming. The warming rate reported in the article is 23 degrees per century; if that were truly the case, Big Al would have been all over it.

The Press Democrat article was typical of modern science journalism — useful idiots in service to alarmist agendas.



<b>Windsor council listens</b>

EDITOR: On Wednesday, Windsor's Town Council elected not to adopt a request by Councilwoman Debra Fudge to support reinstatement of Sen. Dianne Feinstein's federal assault-weapons ban ("Windsor backs away from gun control," Friday). The resolution or amended versions have been adopted by other Sonoma County city councils.

Many favored the resolution, some were against it, and others felt the council shouldn't get involved in federal or constitutional matters.

The Windsor council members should be commended for their professionalism in considering the opinions of those of us in attendance and the many letters, calls and email they received concerning this matter.

A childish display of emotions was made by some of the Brady Campaign supporters as they left the meeting. Susan Moore remained calm and was able to quiet her people once outside. One member called the council members "chickens" for not passing the resolution. One said council members were avoiding the issue and didn't have the guts to make a stand. Another said the vote didn't matter anyway since several members of the Board of Supervisors support the resolution. The Brady people seemed confident the supervisors wouldl approve the resolution.

Thank you, Windsor Town Council, for considering the views and opinions of the citizens of Windsor.



<b>Protecting pets</b>

EDITOR: The item in Chris Smith's Aug. 20 column about the missing dog was heartwarming ("The upshot was, Angel went home"). However, an important fact was overlooked. If the owner had a microchip implanted in her dog, she could have been reunited with her pet much sooner.

In addition, if the dog had been wearing a collar and tags, she could have saved herself and her dog a lot of heartache. I am surprised that an employee of a veterinarian did not realize this. One of the best things you can do to keep your pets safe is to have them microchipped and get a collar with tags showing their name and your phone number. Our pets are members of our families and need our help to keep them safe.


Santa Rosa

<b>Homeless camps</b>

EDITOR: The Aug. 14 fire in a homeless encampment along Santa Rosa Creek in Rincon Valley destroyed enough vegetation that the previously hidden camp is clearly visible from the Santa Rosa Creek trail ("Homeless encampment burns in Santa Rosa," pressdemocrat.com).

The trash and debris left behind is an eyesore on display for all to see and is a reminder of how despoiled the creek has become in recent years due to city budget cutbacks.

When will this mess be cleaned up?


Santa Rosa

<b>Danger zone</b>

EDITOR: Some people find the new bronze sculptures at the corner of Farmers Lane in Montgomery Village nice. I do not. I ride my bike across Farmers Lane and Montgomery Drive five days a week to work.

David Codding and the city art committee should have looked at this project closer before moving ahead with it. To say this is an inviting and peaceful place to bring families and children is a joke.

This is Farmers Lane, one of the worse intersections in the city. Drivers run red lights and talk on cellphones, and most days this street looks like one big parking lot full of cars.

To evoke U.S. Marines planting a flag atop Iwo Jima, I would prefer taking my chances climbing that hill than trying to deal peacefully with that corner. RIP, Billy Montgomery.


Santa Rosa