About eight cases of spilled wine bottles blocked northbound traffic on Highway 101 just north of Arata Lane for almost an hour Monday morning and caused a traffic accident that sent two people to the hospital, the CHP reported.

CHP officers received a report of broken bottles on the roadway at 10:41 a.m. When officers arrived they found broken glass strewn across all traffic lanes for about 150 feet.

A CHP officer quickly removed the cases from the roadway and Caltrans was called in with a sweeper from Geyserville. Traffic began funneling into the number two lane to get around the larger mass of broken glass.

Then at 10:55 a.m. CHP officers received a report of a vehicle crash on the freeway at Arata Lane.

CHP said a Volvo driven by Kathy Robinson, 54, of Santa Rosa had smashed into a Toyota Camry driven by Walter Baccala, 72, of Sonoma. Baccala was stopped in heavy traffic due to the broken glass in the roadway.

Robinson was extricated from her vehicle by Windsor firefighters and then transported to Sutter Medical Center, where she was treated for a fractured neck, the CHP said.

Baccala, who complained of head and neck pains, declined treatment.