<b>Obama and Egypt</b>

EDITOR: The Coptic Christians have been in Egypt for 1,300 years. Over the past several days, 47 Christian churches have been destroyed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Up until a few days ago, President Barack Obama had always been in the Muslim Brotherhood camp. Now, Obama says he is choosing no sides. But he just canceled military aid to Egypt by withholding four F-16 fighter jets that had been promised and canceling a joint military exercise. So, in reality, he is still supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. In view of all the things the Muslim Brotherhood is doing to the Coptic Christians, I think Obama's behavior is atrocious. He should support the Egyptian generals just as Saudi Arabia is doing.



<b>Government in action</b>

EDITOR: Wow, another house bought by the city of Santa Rosa, rented back for $1 and forgotten ("SR reveals another no-rent property," Friday). I guess the city doesn't need the money that it could get at the going rate. I'm glad the renter is using his capitalist spirit and making money by subletting a portion of the home.

I can't wait for the government to run Obamacare. I'm sure it will do a better job after giving most unions, Congress, federal employees and big business that support him waivers.



<b>Presumed guilty</b>

EDITOR: I am disappointed at this rush to judgment by the editorial board of our locally owned newspaper. The Press Democrat's attempt to discredit the outstanding representation Supervisor Efren Carrillo has given to his constituents is unfair ("Carrillo's next step rests on Aug. 30 events," Thursday).

Our supervisor has represented our Fifth District with exemplary leadership and commitment. He has worked tirelessly promoting good government for all. An editorial page may express its opinion, but where is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty? Rather, the paper seems to suggest his consideration of resignation as did other supervisors, his comrades, who have suddenly become his detractors. No one has worked harder for us, and yet his fellow supervisors stand ready to make public comments about him and judge him based upon media reports, gossip, lack of factual information and, of course, his political opponent's speculation.

Carrillo is entitled to the same basic rights that flow from the due process of our laws, which we all hold dear. I expected fairness and objectivity from The Press Democrat and our supervisors. Let's give Carrillo a chance to get well and return to the leadership role he has so rightly earned in the 4? years he has served as our supervisor.



<b>Background checks</b>

EDITOR: I am a strong supporter of the efforts that Mark Kelly and Rep. Mike Thompson are making to require background checks on all purchases of guns, with reasonable exceptions for family, friends and hunting buddies ("Shooting for gun bill," Aug. 17). I have been a gun owner and hunter for the past 45 years. I firmly believe that background checks will make our communities safer by keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill.

I am disappointed to see that the critics of gun registration are resorting to making false claims about background checks and the proposed legislation in Congress, which is intended to close loopholes in the current system.

In California, we already have background checks for all gun purchases. However, other states do not. In some states a criminal or a terrorist can buy a gun at a gun show, or over the Internet, with no questions asked. They can then drive those guns back across the California border and endanger our streets and communities.

The bill Kelly has endorsed and Thompson has authored would merely extend the background check requirement to gun sales at gun shows, over the Internet and through classified ads.