<b>Punishing Assad</b>

EDITOR: I have an idea how to punish Bashar al-Assad. Let's bring him to this country and make him find a job.


Santa Rosa

<b>Needless delays</b>

EDITOR: This is starting to smell like a political cover-up ("Decision on charges for Carrillo delayed," pressdemocrat.com). The special prosecutor has had plenty of time. This is not a major crime where someone was killed or property damaged severely.

The judge failed to force the time frame to be kept. That is a black mark on Superior Court Judge Julie Conger.

As a result, Supervisor Efren Carrillo and his district will suffer until the Oct. 11 court date. Let's hope The Press Democrat comes down on the judge and special prosecutor for not doing their jobs in a timely manner.


Santa Rosa

<b>Justice thwarted</b>

EDITOR: Can anybody explain our legal system to me? We have a maniac who killed a dozen humans in cold blood while injuring another dozen. Four years later, he is finally hauled into court. Ignore if you can the enormous cost to the taxpayers. Then involve a judge, a jury and a court staff and the cost of those. All for an accused man who is obviously guilty as sin. Remember this crime was witnessed by many.

Now if this were a dog that had bitten a dozen people, he would have been executed on the spot. So why the four-year holdup? Maybe it's time we went back to the old western custom of the hanging tree.

Remember, justice delayed is justice thwarted.



<b>Time for a change</b>

EDITOR: I have worked as an attorney in the Sonoma County district attorney's office for many years and under three separate administrations. Currently, the office is being horribly mismanaged, mistakes are being made every day on cases ranging from murders to misdemeanors, and it is time for new leadership.

On Wednesday, Victoria Shanahan announced her candidacy for district attorney ("Prosecutor goes up against boss, seeks county D.A. post," Thursday). I have counted her as a friend and colleague for many years. She is of unquestionably good character and possesses the highest professional ethics. She is smart, approachable and hardworking. There is no one in the office better able to lead it. It is without the slightest reservation that I support and recommend Victoria Shanahan for district attorney.


Santa Rosa

<b>Winning marathon</b>

EDITOR: To say I ran in the Santa Rosa half-marathon on Sunday would be an insult to the thousand runners participating. But I did shuffle my body along a 13.1-mile course through Santa Rosa. It was not a personal best, but I did complete it.

I have participated in many organized runs including 10Ks and half-marathons. I have completed two full marathons. None of them was better organized than the Santa Rosa event. The course was well marked and planned to show off the local running environment. At every turn there were volunteers to direct you. There were well-manned and plentiful aid stations. And, yes, there were enough port-a-johns.

Special thanks to the folks at De Loach Vineyards. Their sponsorship and participation made the run unique with an opportunity to run through their barrel room. For runners who train mile after mile on the same old roads, this was a highlight.

Santa Rosa and Sonoma County are home to great running and cycling. The organizers of the Santa Rosa Marathon should be quite proud of their event, and I look forward to shuffling on next year.


Santa Rosa

<b>What would King say?</i>

EDITOR: This week, after honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King — without acknowledging King's commitment to non-violence abroad as well as domestically — Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama may bomb Syria, throwing the volatile Middle East into even greater turmoil. What would King have done? Fifty years ago, he called the United States "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world."


Santa Rosa