Leaders missing in action

EDITOR: It is a sorry state of affairs when our leaders are no longer willing to represent the best interests of the people who elected them. Everybody seems to agree that letting the sequestration go forward is a bad idea, especially at this stage in our economic recovery. Yet all of our leaders behave as if they are powerless to act. This is a completely avoidable calamity, yet our leaders will not budge.

Instead of leaders guiding our country, we are actually being led by groups of followers. They seem incapable or unwilling to make a decision for the good of the people they purport to represent.

That the sequestration will cause widespread hardship both collectively and individually seems to make little difference to our elected representatives; to them, it is just a move on a political chessboard, and the effect that their actions have on our lives is just the collateral damage of politics.



A chance to compare

EDITOR: After reading Wednesday's article about the Board of Supervisor's meeting to discuss fluoridating Sonoma County water ("County takes next step toward fluoridating water"), one printed fact stood out. The city of Healdsburg already has fluoride in its water. I think it would be extremely interesting and helpful to know if the rates of dental decay are less in Healdsburg compared to the rest of the cities in Sonoma County without fluoridated water.


Santa Rosa

Save Saturday mail

EDITOR: I'm appalled that the U.S. Postal Service is considering ending Saturday delivery of the mail.

Not only would this cost thousands of postal workers their jobs, it would hurt others who depend on prompt delivery of the mail.

This would include magazine publishers, people who need their prescription drugs delivered via mail and countless businesses that need their goods sent and received as quickly as possible.

I urge everyone reading this letter to call their representatives in Congress and tell them to demand that Saturday delivery of the mail continue. The money is there to save Saturday delivery. We need to put pressure on Congress so that it hears this message loud and clear.


Santa Rosa

Government dysfunction

EDITOR: The author of Monday's article about the federal budget sequester ("A sequester primer") forgot one important way for the government to cut back — eliminating all of the government employees in Congress and the president who caused this mess.

They should be terminated until they solve the problem. They all seem to have forgotten the main requirement of any relationship, from marriage to a democratic government, the art of compromise. Until they solve the problem, they should not be paid.


Santa Rosa

Students on a big stage

EDITOR: My wife and I had the joyous experience of attending the Barclay Memorial Concert at the Green Music Center on Feb. 22. The program featured the choral students from Santa Rosa's five public high schools.

All of the performances were top notch. It was readily apparent that the students were thrilled with the opportunity to sing in the world-class facility on the Sonoma State University campus. The young ladies in their beautiful gowns and the young gents in their tuxedos shined and sparkled as they expressed themselves in song.

I hope this enriching experience becomes an annual event for our students. The instructors at each of the schools deserve our community's congratulations for providing our kids quality experiences. Likewise, Sonoma State University deserves high praise for facilitating this wonderful event. We live in a truly wonderful place.


Santa Rosa