Sunday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Scale back SAY center</b>

EDITOR: I just read the article on the proposed Social Advocates for Youth facility at Warrack Hospital — the one written with rose-colored glasses ("Tours of housing site offered," Friday).

I live one block from Warrack. I'm not concerned about the 51 residential adults holding jobs living at the facility. Rather, I am concerned about all the other people who will be drawn to the dream center for other reasons — the visiting angry ex-boyfriend, the former gang members getting tattoos removed, the homeless or drug-addicted young adults seeking shelter, the mentally ill adults receiving support.

SAY says it supports 1,100 homeless young adults in the county. At some point over the course of a year, I would expect to see them in our neighborhood. That is my concern. Solution: scale down the facility and services.


Santa Rosa

<b>No redress</b>

EDITOR: Good column by Bob Klose comparing Germany before World War II and our situation now ("What does it take before ordinary people say &‘no more'? Close to Home, Friday).

I was very active for quite a few years and I have come to the conclusion that nothing we can do as citizens will effect change. President John Kennedy said: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." Now it would seem, peaceful revolution is, indeed, impossible.

Reporters and whistleblowers are routinely ignored, imprisoned or killed. Those who have boldly told us what is really going on, such as Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, have sacrificed everything. Protests are underreported or ignored completely by the major media. The U.S. Supreme Court continues to vote 5-to-4 against the will of the majority (gun regulation laws, Citizens United, striking down the Voting Rights Act, etc).

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