EDITOR: I was saddened but not surprised to see your article about Judge Ren?Chouteau declaring that demonstrations wouldn't be allowed at the Sonoma County Courthouse. He also set up a dress code. Fines for transgressions: up to $1,500. No mini-skirts, baggy pants or shorts are allowed in his building. No solicitors on the courthouse steps, perhaps pointing out the legality of jury nullification. I am not surprised by his actions.

I have been to the courthouse for jury duty. Always a sad event. The parking is horrible, and if your car is one inch over the line, you get a big ticket. The judges and their uniformed goons preside over their courtrooms (they certainly aren't ours) like little emperors. The defendants are small-time drug offenders and deserve more pity than punishment in my opinion.

I look at the courthouse as I, an Eloi, would the entrance to the Morlock Underworld in the book and movie "The Time Machine." A place to be avoided at all costs.