A struggle between a Napa man and Napa police officers escalated as family members joined the fight including a teen who charged officers with a bat, police said Monday.

It ended with the three family members arrested on charges including suspicion of assault and resisting arrest.

Napa officers late Friday night were called to a fight involving six people on Pueblo Avenue.

During the investigation suspect Hector Perez, 29, ran from officers and when caught he struggled, officials said.

Several officers were trying to wrestle him under control and handcuff him when the man's younger brother allegedly ran at officers with the bat.

Sister, Edith Perez, 25, also joined the fight, by grabbing an officer who was struggling with her older brother, said officials.

The teen ran but was stopped by police after a short distance, arrested and taken to Napa County Juvenile Hall.

Officers found Hector Perez was carrying methamphetamine, and added a drug possession suspicion to his arrest.

He and his sister were taken to the Napa County Jail.