<b>Windsor gun vote</b>

EDITOR: As a resident of Windsor, I want to express deep disappointment in my three representatives on the City Council who abstained from a resolution in favor of a a federal ban on military-style weapons and large-capacity bullet magazines ("Windsor backs away from gun control," Aug. 23).

First, in a federal republic, the voice of the people (i.e., through their town councils) is never in conflict with higher levels of government. Local government is the voice of the people, the res publica.

Second, the right to bear arms does not mean the right to bear military weapons, otherwise let's legalize tanks and anti-aircraft weapons.

Finally, if the real problem is mental health, wouldn't the logical conclusion be to stop military weapons from ending up in the hands of the mentally ill?

The proliferation of this kind of weapon of mass destruction means that the next massacre of children or anyone is (God forbid) a matter of time. I stand on the side that tried to stop it from happening and invite my fellow citizens to do the same.