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Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

<b>What's at stake</b>

EDITOR: If Supervisor Efren Carrillo is seriously committed to serving this county, he must rehabilitate himself before he rehabilitates his political career. A man who cannot care for himself cannot be expected to take care of thousands of people.

No matter the charges against Carrillo, the fact remains that he can't even control his own life. It is respectful that he is dealing with his alcoholism, but while he does, he needs to resign so someone else can continue in his absence. Otherwise, an entire county is at the mercy of its leader's rehabilitation.

It's not only Carrillo's future at stake — the entire county will struggle while one of its leaders is improving himself and not the county.


Santa Rosa

<b>Hypocrisy on gun laws?</b>

EDITOR: For many months, Press Democrat editorials and op-eds have demanded the passage of so-called common-sense firearm restrictions. While there is no evidence that any such laws have accomplished any good, the fact remains that every one of the laws being demanded has been in effect in California for a long time.

Now the Legislature is poised to pass a number of new laws that are the opposite of common sense. These laws — AB169, SB53, SB374, SB396 and others — would virtually outlaw many guns now legally in private possession, effectively confiscate many thousands of now-legal magazines and treat all law-abiding gun owners as criminals presumed guilty. Nearly everything connected to gun ownership that is performed legally will require repeated fingerprinting, background checks and permit fees. Illegal gun owners, of course, would be unaffected.

Unless the members of The Press Democrat's editorial board and others feel that it is appropriate to preemptively treat a minority class of law-abiding citizens as criminals, surely they should be forcefully speaking out against these non-common-sense laws. Wouldn't failure to speak out expose a deep hypocrisy behind their demands for common sense? Or do they believe that all firearm restrictions, no matter how extreme, are "common-sense"?

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