A Santa Rosa parolee with a long criminal history has received a life prison sentence for beating and robbing two men during a home music recording party.

Elijah Matthew Hall, 35, was convicted in March of two counts of residential burglary and assault and battery in the 2011 attack.

Hall was accused of punching both men in the face and knocking one of them unconscious. Hall then stole electronic items and fled to San Francisco, prosecutors said.

He was on parole at the time and had four prior "strike" convictions — three for robbery and one for attempted robbery. Under California's "three-strikes" law, the convictions exposed him to a life prison sentence for future crimes that are deemed serious or violent.

At his sentencing Tuesday, Judge Julie Conger denied his request to remove a strike from his record. She sentenced Hall to 25 years to life plus 13 years behind bars.