Majority thwarted

EDITOR: If a foreign entity were to crash our economy, which set the dominoes falling toward economic collapse domestically and worldwide, we would hunt it down and charge it with capital crimes. If it were a domestic entity seeking the same agenda, we would charge it with treason.

Yet when anti-government tea party types infiltrate the Republican Party and threaten to do the same thing, their actions are deemed by some as somehow patriotic. Lacking any national mandate, these intransigent, uncompromising agents of governmental destruction representing a small fraction of the electorate hold every bill or intellectual solution hostage and strike terror into any GOP office holder who dares defy them.

It's been obvious since early 2011 no Republican can stand up to them. The people's business cannot get done as long as this faction holds sway over an entire political party. Governing from crisis to crisis because one small segment of Congress refuses to compromise is insane. It's time to marginalize this sticky wicket and get down to the business of governing.

Change the filibuster rules in the U.S. Senate and provide electoral coverage for House Republicans to do the right thing. Majority rules.