A Santa Rosa man suspected of exposing himself and two sheriff's deputies to toxic gases during a suicide attempt was charged Friday with two felonies for releasing hazardous substances.

Jeffrey Lee Vandedrink, 47, remained in custody after his arrest Wednesday in a parked car near Windsor where deputies said he mixed two chemicals in an attempt to kill himself. One deputy suffered severe chemical exposure to his lungs when he approached the car and was expected to be out for weeks, a sheriff's spokesman said.

In a note to his family, Vandedrink said he didn't want others to be hurt by the toxic gas that would be emitted by the mixture of chemicals.

He was a former sheriff's deputy in Clearwater County, Idaho, and helped train police officers in Afghanistan as an advisor to Dyn Corp., according to his sister. Before that, he worked as an investigator for Hertz Claim Management and Immendorf & Associates.

Prosecutors charged him Friday with depositing a hazardous substance on a road or right-of-way as well as unlawfully throwing or dropping a hazardous substance. Vandedrink was held on $250,000 bail.