A felon who had been released just days before under the state's "realignment" program designed to reduce prison crowding was arrested Friday in Fort Bragg on suspicion of possessing and brandishing an edged weapon.

Police responding to a report of an argument in the 100 block of East Laurel Street shortly before 10 a.m. heard from witnesses that a man had displayed an edged weapon of some sort. Officers located Benjamin Torango, 36, of Fort Bragg nearby and when they approached, he pulled out a weapon and fled, Lt. John Naulty said in a release.

Police caught up with Torango, but his behavior was so combative that they placed him in a restraint device that binds his limbs tightly to his body, Naulty said.

Naulty said Torango had been released from a state prison in Sacramento on Sept. 2, where he was serving a sentence for kidnapping. He is being held for a possible parole violation, since a condition of his release was that he not return to Mendocino County.

In addition, he is being held on suspicion of making threats to an officer, brandishing a weapon and being an ex-felon in possession of a dangerous weapon, police said.

Naulty did not describe the nature or size of the weapon that Torango is reported to have displayed.