<b>A winning strategy</b>

EDITOR: We asked our elected representatives not to proceed with intervention in Syria. We cannot win in this situation. They will insist that our strikes killed hundreds of women and children and show pictures in support (though they might be false). We will incite the rest of the Arab world against us and many of the nations throughout the world that have been with us in the past.

The solution: Use our resources to provide refugee camps in Turkey and Jordan. Help those countries, our allies, absorb the refugees without so much hardship on their people. We win the approval of the world, and the hostile Arab countries would be silenced because we are not trying to intervene with their governments but rather help their people.

We were early supporters of the present administration and have agreed with most of the policies. On this we strongly disagree. Military strikes will harm our standing in the world and leave us no choice but to escalate when things get worse.

To paraphrase T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), who helped liberate Iraq and Syria from the Ottomans during World War I, the Arabs must solve their own issues. For non-Arabs to try to solve their problems is like eating soup with a knife.


Santa Rosa